Public and Media Relations

Whether you need to communicate with journalists or the general public, employees, state and local government or perhaps with pressure groups, we will always find the right communication tool that is effective.

The individual members of our team have many years of experience in communication, not only working with communication agencies but also from the client side (campaign sponsors) or the media. We always propose an effective campaign: we don’t force clients to organize press conferences if they are not the best way to achieve goals, we do not organize self-serving events and we do not promise clients unrealistic results.

Our services go far beyond standard services such as organizing interviews, preparing and issuing press releases, organizing press conferences, preparing paid articles and buying media space. We also represent some clients as the spokesperson and have experience with crisis communication, the preparation of viral campaigns, events and the organization of professional media training sessions.

We provide our clients with first-rate services in areas of corporate communication, product PR, internal communications, communication with business partners, change communication and crisis communication.